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    Please reach out to fortsaintmcmurphy@gmail.com if you have questions.


    On August 13-15, after a 5 hour drive, you will arrive on the MooseCamp fishing resort with 70-80 other Fort friends, which has the following amenities:
    • 3 rustic cabins with 14 beds
    • Flat space for camping
    • A large diesel generators and a few other generators
    • An industrial ice machine
    • Two private lakes within a 10 minute walk
    • An extremely excited host who is down with how we party
    • A kitchen with a 3 barrel margarita blender (@Lindsay Brown)
    • Shade because there are trees in the woods
    • Noise (lots, from our speakers)
    • A fire pit
    • Our new structure, which will be fully complete
    • Several canoes (which we’re probably going to lock up tbh lol)
    • The go-ahead to come up early
    • Toilets / Portos
    • Over 100 years of history and we’ll be the first to go absolutely bonkers on it
    We also have a team put together for harm reduction, a team for planning parking/camping, a team for planning activities, and more!


    By purchasing this ticket you acknowledge and agree to the following:
    1. I acknowledge this volunteer team is doing their best and if something is wrong I will ask kindly for support
    2. I acknowledge that I will be responsible and accountable for myself and my own safety on this trip
    3. I acknowledge I’ll reach out to the organizing committee now if I have special needs/accommodation requirements such as a trailer
    1. I will find a buddy for the buddy system before the party